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Who We Are

SFCM was created by professionals with extensive experience in general contracting, real estate property development, accounting and law. SFCM provides superior customer service, state-of-the-art technological automation and professionalism resulting in efficient and responsive property and association management.

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Elevating Community Management:
The SFCM Advantage

South Florida Condo Management (SFCM) distinguishes itself by prioritizing transparent, tailored services and flexibility for its clients. Their commitment to providing detailed financial oversight, maintaining vendor neutrality for the highest quality services, and ensuring client satisfaction without long-term contractual obligations underscores their unique approach in the property management industry.

Unbiased Vendor Selection for Unparalleled Service

Objective Excellence in Every Service – We guarantee impartiality in vendor selection, focusing solely on securing the highest quality and most cost-efficient services for your community, free from any internal affiliations or biases.

Regular On-Site Engagement and Inspection

Proactive Property Oversight – Unlike others, our hands-on approach includes weekly visits by trained Property Managers to engage with residents, assess, and proactively address any concerns, ensuring the highest standards of property care and community well-being.

Dedicated to Immediate, Personalized Responses

Always Available, Always Human – Commitment to personal touch sets us apart, ensuring every call, any time, is met with a live, knowledgeable team member ready to assist, reflecting our dedication to unmatched responsiveness.

Strategic Financial Oversight for Your Association

In-depth Analysis for Fiscal Health and Security – Our comprehensive review process ensures your association’s finances, vendor relationships, and insurance policies are optimized for efficiency, protection, and cost-effectiveness, aligning with your community’s best interests.

Comprehensive Service Across All Community Sizes

Equitable Excellence for Every Association – Our commitment to service excellence knows no size, offering all communities, regardless of scale, the attentive and high-quality management they deserve.

Freedom with Flexible Contracts

Your Satisfaction, Our Flexibility – We prioritize your satisfaction with flexible terms that allow you to assess our services without the worry of long-term commitments. Our approach ensures transparency and adaptability to suit your association’s evolving requirements.

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Get to know the people behind our unparalleled service.

Our team of dedicated professionals who are the heartbeat of our exceptional service. Each team member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence, driving us towards our goal of enhancing and transforming community and property management across South Florida.

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Elevate and Transform Your Community

Discover how we can transform your property management experience with professional excellence and personalized service. Let's build a thriving community together.

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