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Providing Professional Experience and Exceptional Service

South Florida Condo Management applies a formidable standard to residential and commercial property and association management. Each member of the SFCM team has expertise and training to ensure our clients are receiving the most responsive, professional, automated and sophisticated level of service in the industry.

South Florida Condominium Management, Inc.

Who we Are

SFCM was created by professionals with extensive experience in general contracting, real property development, accounting and law. SFCM provides superior customer service, state-of-the-art technological automation and professionalism resulting in efficient and responsive property and association management.

What Distinguishes Us From The Rest?

Vendor Neutral

SFCM does not own or have affiliations with any service provider such as landscaping, pool contracting…

Serves The Entire Market

SFCM serves all sectors of the market equally. SFCM provides the same level of service expected …

No Long Term Contract

SFCM does not require a long-term management contract. Client satisfaction is our number one goal …

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